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At Connect BPS, we believe that outsourcing is more than just a business transaction—it’s a strategic partnership that adds value to your organization. Our comprehensive service offerings are designed to save costs, improve efficiencies, and enhance your company’s brand.

We take great pride in projecting, promoting, and protecting your brand and ethos in all our engagements. With our expertise and experience, we ensure seamless operations and outstanding results.

Choose Connect BPS as your trusted outsourcing partner and unlock the full potential of your business. 

Our Team

We have different experts for different financial services


Head of Partnerships
Saskia has over 25 years of rich entrepreneurial experience spanning UK, USA and built a niche business in SA focused on catering to the international market. With Client Success at the forefront and development of human capital to offer best in class Customer Experience in a highly competitive Accounts Receivables industry.


Managing Partner
Saket has over 22 years of global experience (Canada, USA, UK, India, Jamaica, Dominican Republic, Columbia, Costa Rica, Chile and South Africa) in Business Process Management leading strategic change, building effective teams and exceeding corporate goals. His capability suite includes operations, mergers & acquisitions, debt purchase, consulting and business development across enterprise verticals


Connect BPS is at the forefront of companies embracing the Fourth Industrial Revolution. We consistently challenge the existing processes, keep abreast of industry changes and champion innovation to address opportunity areas.

We believe the customer journey is a multi-channel experience based on customer preference. 

With innovation being the thread that runs through customized strategies, we incorporate multiple platforms to communicate with customers.

As these platforms evolve, we add to the services we offer our clients, disrupting the status quo. SMS’s and emails are integrated into our system enabling quick, efficient and seamless communication flow from agent to customer.


The principal criteria for outsourcing is trust.Our clients must be able to trust us with their reputation and their brand. We achieve this through transparency in our processes, partnering with the best suppliers in our industry and employing people that are passionate about learning, growth and success.
Our operations are underpinned by stringent quality assurance to ensure that we maintain the highest compliance standards.
Using the best technology, we demonstrate trust through system stability, daily reporting and the secure transfer of information. We ascribe to all the relevant data protection laws as is required.
The Management Team is responsible for driving trust through engagements with all stakeholders. This is always attained by being accessible, communicating performance and working together with all stakeholders to achieve desired results.


Our reputation in the industry is upheld by the pillars of our values. Community upliftment is an important value which not only brings joy to the recipients of various initiatives but also drives staff engagement in social responsibility. Our staff appreciate being part of these activities, giving back to Africa. We also encourage them to, “pay it forward” when receiving an incentive or reward.
Some of these activities include regular drives to collect and donate clothing, toys, food hampers and books to disadvantaged communities.

We have adopted the local school and provide them with essential items to manage the school effectively and improve the overall standards of education being delivered.
Our values also include Trust, Transparency, Integrity and Ethics. These values are the foundation of all our relationships, starting with our employees and extending to our clients, suppliers, industry associates and various communities.

Providing Globe With Superior Outsourcing Solutions

Your partner for cost-effective, tech-driven outsourcing solutions that enhance customer satisfaction and boost ROI. With real-time analytics and top-notch customer service, we help you scale your business and stay ahead of the competition.

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