About the company

Outsourcing is partnering with a team that delivers a service which adds value to your business. The service offering should save you costs, improve efficiencies, and promote your company’s brand. In all engagements, we endeavour to project, promote, and protect your brand and ethos. You can trust our expertise and experience. We ensure that we manage your portfolio completely from end to end.

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Our team is progressive and forward-thinking

The world moves too fast for anything that is not moving forward. Our team is progressive and forward-thinking. 
It’s important to be on the cutting-edge of technology development. To stay competitive. But, our focus doesn’t end there. We also dedicate our efforts to innovative solutions. This includes your client’s user experience, satisfaction, and loyalty!

We use technology to our advantage

We stay ahead of our competitors by using the latest technology. We are committed to staying abreast of state-of-the-art trends. Technology is constantly evolving and so too should our service offerings.

We use technology that provides real-time analytics and precise reporting.

Analytics and reporting tools are an important part of our offering. It is vital that we show our customers that we can be trusted with their business. This is best achieved through our reporting on performance and key indicators. During the campaign onboarding stage, we agree with our client on the reporting requirements. This ensures that there is comfort and confidence to outsource. 
We use a variety of analytics to measure our performance and efficiency. Across various areas, including production, marketing, customer service, and outcomes.

Africa - Award winning outsourcing venue of choice

A destination that delivers

“South Africa was named “Offshoring Destination of the Year” in 2016 and 2018. Additionally, the country has shown a 22% annual growth rate in the outsourcing sector over the last four years, almost three times more than India or the Philippines.” 
–   Support Adventure.com

Saskia Hill


Through its operations over the past 24 years, parent company MCS Debt Recovery identified an increasing number of clients in South Africa and offshore that require outsourced services.

Connect BPS (Pty) Ltd was established out of the need for these services.

The strong management team behind Connect BPS has collectively 258 years well-rounded experience in the business process services sector. The Senior team has extensive expertise in customer services, sales, debt recovery, marketing and retentions strategies across various industries.

For further insight into MCS Debt Recovery, refer to website: www.mcsdr.co.za . MCS Debt Recovery and Connect BPS (Pty) Ltd are owned by Saskia Hill.


Connect BPS is at the forefront of companies embracing the Fourth Industrial Revolution. We consistently challenge the existing processes. Keeping abreast of industry changes and champion innovation to address opportunity areas.
The customer journey is a multi-channel experience based on customer preference. Innovation being the thread that runs through customized strategies. We incorporate many platforms including WhatsApp and Webchat to communicate with customers. 
Our most recent addition to our service offering is a WhatsApp Pay facility.
SMS’s and emails are integrated into our systems. This enables quick, efficient and seamless communication flow from agent to customer.
Maintaining high levels of customer satisfaction is the freedom to choose. We provide the customer with innovative payment channels to choose from. We offer our customers several different payment methods.


The principal criterion for outsourcing is trust. Our clients must be able to trust us with their reputation and their brand. We achieve this through transparency in our processes. Partnering with the best suppliers in our industry and employing people that are passionate about learning, growth and success. 
Our operations are underpinned by stringent quality assurance. This ensures that we maintain the highest compliance standards. 
Using the best technology, we show trust through system stability. Daily reporting and the secure transfer of information. We ascribe to all the relevant data protection laws as is required. 
The Management Team handles driving trust through engagement with all stakeholders. This is always attained by being accessible, communicating performance and working together with all stakeholders to achieve desired results.


Our reputation in the industry is upheld by the pillars of our values. Community upliftment is an important value which not only brings joy to the recipients of various initiatives but also drives staff engagement in social responsibility. Our staff appreciate being part of these activities, giving back to Africa. We also encourage them to, “pay it forward” when receiving an incentive or reward. 
Some of these activities include regular drives to collect and donate clothing, toys, food hampers and books to disadvantaged communities. We have adopted the local school and provide them with essential items to manage the school effectively and improve the overall standards of education being delivered
Our values also include Trust, Transparency, Integrity and Ethics. These values are the foundation of all our relationships, starting with our employees and extending to our clients, suppliers, industry associates and various communities.