Client Onboarding and Governance

  • We aim to be an extension of our client’s operation
  • In order to fulfil this role, we need a thorough understanding of your needs, this is best achieved at the project implementation phase
  • We assign a project manager to onboard the campaign within the Connect BPS environment
  • The project manager will meet with the client’s key role players via the selected communication tool Where required, the project manager can attend training at your premises prior to implementation
  • Exploratory discussions are held outlining the below :
  • IT requirements
  • Process flow
  • Roles and responsibilities, KPIs
  • Reporting requirements
  • Compliance, Quality Management
  • Most common reasons for quality and compliance failures
  • Training and development requirements
  • All processes are agreed upon between the client and Connect BPS which is documented in the PID (Project Implementation Document) which then forms a Terms of Reference throughout the life cycle of the project
  • This document will evolve into a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) which is updated periodically for any changes
  • Each project team member is assigned a work stream in order to successfully launch the project at Connect BPS
  • Weekly project meetings will be held with the project team consisting of both Connect BPS and the client’s team members. At these members, task statuses are discussed to ensure the project is tracking to commence on the agreed launch date.
  • Monthly Business Review (MBR) calls to provide performance updates, risk items, coaching opportunities and call calibrations;
  • Quarterly Business Reviews (QBR) meetings to discuss growth opportunities, innovation updates and projected forecasts in business volumes.

Workforce Management - Strategy

Attrition Management through Strategic Leadership

  • Planned Attrition
  • Workforce Management
    & Forecasting


  • Rewards & Recognition
  • Career Pathing
  • Comfortable Work Environment

Engagement & Development

  • Operating Rhythm
  • LMS Benefits
  • Great Place to Work

Security and Compliance

 Full Compliance to all regulation and legislation including customer privacy related laws. Quality assurance checks are done across all campaigns on a random basis. Extensive operational health checks have been undertaken covering:

◦Employment Policies and Procedures

◦Whistle Blowing

◦Protection of Personal Information

◦Call Recording

◦Email and Internet Security

◦Network Security

◦Access Control

◦Workstation Security

◦Password Security

◦Business Risk Management

◦Dialer Management and Contact Strategy

◦Customer Satisfaction Management

◦Complaints Management

◦Health and Safety

◦Information Security

◦Quality Management

◦Business Continuity

Disaster Recovery, Backup and Redundancy

Disaster recovery

 Our Disaster Recovery plan is comprehensive and detailed and acts as a safeguard against unwanted occurrences. Our offices are protected by full UPS, generator backup, fire detection,  backup water supply and a full database backup strategy

 Network Redundancy

 Blake has installed Cisco 2960S access switches which feed the call center and offices. These access switches are uplinked to various Cisco 3750X core switches via fiber optic cable. In case of switch failure we have spare core and access switches in standby to replace any failed switches.

 Server Redundancy

 All file servers are setup with redundant hard drives configurations in a Raid 5 setup. This allows for a server to continue running in the event of a hard drive failure. Servers are equipped with dual power supplies in case of one of these failing. In case of entire servers failing we have spare servers on which systems can be restored from backups. We have deployed multiple domain controllers in the Active Directory which serve as backup for each other.

 Power Redundancy

 All floors and server rooms are fed with clean, uninterruptible power via multiple UPS situated on the basement level of the building in a UPS room. The UPS room is secured by biometric access control, temperature and moisture detection systems as well as fire detection systems as well as fire detection and extinguishing system.

 The UPS are linked to a generator, in the case of a power failure the generator starts automatically and provides power to the UPS which feeds the building. The generator has the capacity to run indefinitely, with refueling required only every 8 hours.

 Emergency Water Supply

 In case of the water supply being cut off, the company has multiple water tanks situated on the basement level, which is connected to the ablution facilities to ensure a continuous clean water supply to the building.