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Collections & Recovery

Our debt management solution provides your company with a complete debt recovery service.


Boost your bottom line with our customized sales strategies and expert team of sales professionals.

Back Office

Streamline your operations and reduce costs with our efficient back-office services.


Find and hire the best talent with our customized recruitment solutions.

Lead Generation, Surveys

Gain valuable insights into your target audience & increase conversions with our lead generation and survey services.

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We specialize in outsourcing solutions that add value, save costs, and promote your brand.
With our extensive expertise, we ensuring a smooth and efficient process.

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We embrace innovation, earning a leading position in the Fourth Industrial Revolution. We prioritize staying ahead of industry changes, challenging norms, and championing innovation to seize opportunities.
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Trust is paramount to us. We earn it through transparency, partnering with top suppliers, and employing passionate individuals dedicated to learning, growth, and success.


Community upliftment is a pillar that brings joy to recipients and drives staff engagement in social responsibility. We encourage our team to “pay it forward” when rewarded, fostering a culture of giving back.

Tailored Solutions: Unleashing the Power of Personalization

At Connect BPS, we “tailor” our solution to meet the individual needs of each client.


Unleash the Power of Plug-and-Play

Gone are the days of limited functionality with a single system. At Connect BPS, we employ a dynamic microservice approach that empowers us to leverage the full range of technologies available in the marketplace. With seamless integration and the ability to effortlessly incorporate new technologies on the fly, we redefine the way your business operates. Embrace the limitless possibilities and transform your organization with our plug-and-play approach. Join us on this transformative journey and witness the true potential of your business unfold.

Empowering Success Through Partnership

At Connect BPS, we believe in the power of collaboration. We forge strong partnerships with our clients to gain a comprehensive understanding of their unique methodologies, enabling us to deliver the best possible service. We are committed to your success and dedicated to providing unparalleled solutions tailored to your business needs. Join forces with us and experience the transformative impact of a true partnership. Together, we will unlock new horizons and achieve remarkable heights of success.

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Providing Globe With Superior Outsourcing Solutions

Your partner for cost-effective, tech-driven outsourcing solutions that enhance customer satisfaction and boost ROI. With real-time analytics and top-notch customer service, we help you scale your business and stay ahead of the competition.

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Know About Our Client Onboarding & Governance

Seamless Integration. Thorough Understanding. Collaborative Success. Our project implementation process ensures a comprehensive understanding of your needs, effective communication, and alignment of roles, resulting in successful partnerships and growth opportunities.

“I recommend Connect BPS and in particular  Saskia Hill. We worked with her team in 2021.We had excellent support, responsiveness and results. We plan to continue the relationship into the future”
Judy La Spada
Title:  CEO
Virtuoso Sourcing

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